Do images and photographs from websites need to be referenced in my assessment?

Yes.  You are required to reference this material.

See the William Angliss Institute APA 7th Style Guide to Reproduced, Reprinted or Adapted Images guide (pages 7-23) for more information and examples on how to format a copyright attribution for figures (images or tables) within your work. 

When citing images from other sources, additional information may be required. Use this guide to understand the concepts of copyright, licensing and attribution and how these apply to images in APA 7th style (23 pages, PDF).

You also should refer to the Images - Copyright Guide and Referencing Images - LibGuides at William Angliss Institute

When using reproduced, reprinted or adapted figures (images or tables), you need to provide a:-

  • Copyright attribution (instead of an in-text citation)
  • APA reference list entry
  • Figure/Table number (appear above the figure/table in bold e.g. Figure 1, Table 1)
  • Figure/Table title (appear below the figure/table number in title case and italics).
  • Figure/Table note/s (appears below the figure/table, notes may describe contents of the figure/table that cannot be understood from the title or image/table alone. Your copyright attribution would appear here).
  • Permission statement (if required). This statement appears with the copyright attribution underneath the figure/table note.